Monday, January 28, 2013

Bounce-to-Pop Double Stuffed 36 inch Balloons

Bounce-to-Pop Double Stuffed 36 inch Balloons
December 2012

In order to do some really hard bouncing, VeVe stuffs one 36-inch balloon inside another for additional durability. However, even the double-stuffed balloons are no match for VeVe when she uses them like a hoppity-hopper (space hopper).

First, she bounces on a double-stuffed red balloon. But the red outside balloon bursts under the pressure, catching VeVe totally by surprise, and revealing the yellow balloon inflated inside! VeVe then continues bouncing on the yellow balloon until it pops and she falls to the mats.

Next VeVe takes out a pink balloon, which has been reinforced with an orange balloon inside. The pink balloon holds up well, and VeVe bounces very high and very hard on it. The outter pink balloon finally bursts to reveal the orange balloon inside. VeVe then bounces on the orange balloon until, after many hops, it finally explodes underneath her.  Lots of fun and really hard bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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