Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Balloon Blow-to-Pop Video

Also in May 2012, VeVe tried her first blow-to-pop balloon video.  And with much success!  Here was the full official info on that clip:


Balloon Blow-to-Pop
Filmed May 2012

VeVe fearlessly inflates 4 balloons until they are so full they explode!

3 of the balloons pop as VeVe still has her mouth on them and is blowing air in. 1 of the balloons gets so full that it pops as VeVe takes her mouth away for a moment to take in another breath.

VeVe shows those balloons who's the boss - she blows into them with strong, confident breaths, knowing that they will explode right in front of her face. But VeVe doesn't hesitate at all.

At the Petite Powerhouse clips4sale studio:
There was also a 1-minute trailer uploaded to youtube for this video:

 "Inflate a balloon so full that it explodes in your face? Sure, VeVe's not afriad of that! A brief excerpt from VeVe's first Balloon Blow-to-Pop video."

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