Monday, February 4, 2013

Balloon Hug Popping French Maid

Hug Popping French Maid
Filmed Jan 2013

VeVe, dressed in a "French maid" outfit with stockings, garters, and high heels, presents a 30-minute balloon hug-popping video.

VeVe starts out surrounded by dozens of 12-inch balloons, and she sets out to hug-pop as many as possible in 30 minutes. Of course, none of these balloons are over inflated, so popping them is not so easy! As a result, VeVe spends a lot of time hugging and squeezing each balloon with her arms in an effort to pop it. As she wraps each balloon in her arms and crushes it to her chest, the balloon contorts and bulges out above and below her arms.

VeVe is able to hug-pop most of the balloons she picks up, with great effort, but if she is ever unable to pop the balloon by hugging, despite her best squeezing efforts, she sets the balloon on the floor and lays belly-down on it to pop it.

VeVe's hugging pop style includes both slowly squeezing the balloon tightly to her chest and also quickly and powerfully crushing the balloon to her body. Camera angles include full body shots as well as close ups on VeVe's upper body and balloon during squeezing.

In total, VeVe hug-pops 11 balloons and lay-pops 5 balloons. As she works and squeezes, VeVe huffs with exertion. Each balloon burst results in a very loud, resounding POP!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:


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