Friday, February 8, 2013

Sit Popping French Maid VeVe

Sit Popping French Maid VeVe
Filmed Jan 2013

Following her "Hug Popping French Maid" video, VeVe still had a few balloons left over. So, in order to "clean up," she decided she would sit-pop them as fast as she could!

Still in her French Maid outfit, VeVe grabs every balloon she can get, one at a time, and pops it by bouncing and sitting on it.

In total, she sit-pops 36 balloons (all 12-inch size), each one exploding with a loud, resounding Bang! VeVe gives us views from the front, sides, and rear, as she goes about sit-popping every single balloon left in the room.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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