Thursday, March 7, 2013

VeVe introduces Indra and Athena to balloon popping

VeVe introduces Indra and Athena to balloon popping...

Pantyhose Balloon Popping: VeVe, Athena, and Indra
March 2013

VeVe invites her friends Athena and Indra to try some balloon popping: in particular balloon popping with leg scissors.

Neither Athena nor Indra has tried balloon popping before, let alone scissoring balloons. Indra first admitted that she was even a bit afraid of popping balloons. But VeVe gives them a demonstration, and the ladies dive in.

They are enthusiastic and very energetic, having fun as they sit in a circle and attempt to scissor squeeze pop the balloons. Between the three of them, the ladies scissor squeeze pop a total of 11 balloons. Indra sit-pops 2 balloons, using her first sit-pop as a way of getting over her fear of balloon popping.

It's a lot of fun and great comradery between the ladies. A nice introduction to balloon popping for Athena and Indra. All three ladies wear leotards and pantyhose.

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