Sunday, July 7, 2013

New 72-inch Balloon: Pump-Up and Bounce Pop

Giant Balloon Pump and Bounce Pop

VeVe brings out her second 72-inch balloon, in response to a request to lay on one of these giant balloons.
She inflates the balloon using her bellows foot pump, pumping up the balloon until it is as tall as she is (about 64 inches). The entire foot pump inflation is shown on camera, taking about 12 minutes.

Once the balloon reaches VeVe's height - taking up a lot of space in the room - she ties it off and starts to play with it. She tries gently laying her belly onto it several times - light belly-down bouncing. She then switches to laying her back into it. She bounces her back on the balloon several times... until it suddenly and unexpectedly pops! VeVe is totally surprised as she falls to the floor on her butt - it seems she bounced a little too hard!

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:
And the final Pop is a stand-alone clip as well:

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