Friday, July 5, 2013

Qualatex Blow-to-Pop Time Test!

Earlier this year, a fan suggested that VeVe try a new sort of Blow-to-Pop time test.  She has tried blow-to-pops with small balloons and large balloons, and she's tried a time test with several 12-inch balloons... but this fan suggested a time test with a large Qualatex balloon.

Qualatex balloons are of a higher strength and quality, compared with run-of-the-mill balloons, so this sort of test would require the blowing to be both fast and hard.  So, VeVe got herself set up with a 24-inch Qualatex balloon and...

In her first time test, attempted last month, she got the balloon very firmly inflated, but the neck became too difficult to hold on to, and the balloon slipped away.  And so, VeVe went in search of a better way to stabilize the neck and lip piece.

Another fan suggested a better way of holding the balloon to the lips:

"make a ring with your thumb and forefinger around the neck and hold it against the OUTSIDE of your mouth, then when it gets really big, hold it hard against your mouth and breath in through your nose."

VeVe attempted the time test again, and this method worked perfectly!  Blow-to-Pop successful!  And here's the video clip announcement and pictures:

Qualatex 24in Blow-to-Pop
July 2013

VeVe runs a successful Blow-to-Pop time test for one of her new 24-inch Qualatex balloons!

She starts her timer and races as fast as she can to blow-to-pop this big, strong balloon. It's hard work, it's sweaty, and it certainly take a lot of lung power to make this thing explode!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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