Friday, July 19, 2013

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon: Balloon Climb-in Video

Many thanks to VeVe's balloon sponsor for providing such the lovely, strong, transparent giant balloon for this video!

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon. Non-Pop.
July 2013

VeVe receives a giant high-quality clear balloon as a gift, along with a request to climb inside! She is pleased to give it a try.

In this continuous video, VeVe climbs inside of her inflated giant balloon, slipping her hands through, then pulling the neck over her head and body. Once she is inside, her cameraman adds more air to the balloon via electric pump (POV) and then he loosely ties it off (on camera). Slowly, throughout the video, air escapes from the tie, and the balloon shrinks with VeVe still in it...

As she is inside the balloon, and as it gradually shrinks, VeVe presses her hands into the balloon, pounds on it with punches, and gives us a glimpse of a balloon as a bondage device... or fantasy prison cell?

Finally, the tie is loosened (POV) even more, and the balloon shrinks more quickly, totally deflating with VeVe inside! VeVe sticks her finger tips outside the neck and calls for the air pump. The tie is removed, the pump nozzle is reinserted, and the balloon re-inflated. VeVe then climbs out of the balloon to freedom.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate 3.5 mbps.

VeVe requires no assistance entering or exiting the balloon; she manages it by herself. VeVe wears black leotard and tights, plus yellow opera gloves to prevent her from using fingernails on the balloon. The camera never stops rolling throughout the entire piece. Filmed under safe and controlled conditions.

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:


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