Monday, November 4, 2013

Giant Airship Balloon B2P Race: VeVe vs Amazon Annie

Another giant airship balloon and another blow-to-pop race!

Giant Airship B2P Race: Cattex GL500
VeVe Lane vs Amazon Annie.  October 2013

VeVe and her friend Amazon Annie face off in a blow-to-pop race with VeVe's new Cattex GL500 giant airship balloons!

This is only Annie's second blow-to-pop attempt, so it is very brave of her to enter this contest with VeVe! Afterall, the Cattex GL500 airship can inflate to about 6-feet long; that's a tough feat to attempt for a B2P newbie. But veteran or newbie, racing to pop these big balloons will require a lot of lung power!

The ladies race to inflate their giant balloons until one of the airships bursts. Once the winner's balloon has popped, the loser ties off her super-inflated balloon. Then the two ladies straddle the long balloon and bounce until it pops!

At the Petite Powerhouse Studio:

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