Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bubble Trouble - Trapped in the Giant Balloon

Candy Pain tries the giant balloon for the first time...

Candy's Bubble Trouble!

VeVe's friend Candy Pain was quite curious about trying out one of the giant climb-in balloons. So, with VeVe's encouragement, Candy climbs into the giant clear balloon and then sticks her head out of the neck. Candy is very amused and fascinated, and she hops around the space with her new bubble body.

But due to a little mischief from VeVe, the air starts leaking out of the balloon. To Candy's confusion, she discovers that the balloon is now shrinking around her body! The balloon deflates slowly as Candy continues to walk around. She finally has to kneel and then lay on the floor as the balloon fully deflates on her body.

Despite it all, and through she's a tad worried, she continues to smile.... but she is indeed quite stuck!
Candy rolls on the floor inside the deflated balloon, her body encased in the latex as VeVe teases her. She pushes into the sides with her hands, feet, and knees, but she's trapped!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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