Sunday, January 12, 2014

Double Bubbles: VeVe, Candy, and Two Climb-in Balloons

VeVe Lane, Candy Pain, and two clear climb-in balloons!

Double Bubbles!
with VeVe and Candy

This is the FULL length version of this video. VeVe and Candy decide to both get into giant balloons! Each lady climbs into her own clear climb-in balloon (on camera), and then the fun begins...

Once the ladies are each inside their respective balloons (and after Candy has a little fun bumping her big balloon into VeVe's smaller one), their balloons are inflated to equal full size (inflation not shown).

The balloons are clear but misty, so while we can just see the ladies, they cannot easily see each other. So, they push their hands into the sides of their balloons as they try to find each other. During this section, the ladies fall silent, focusing mostly on touching hands and feet together while in their separate balloons. But VeVe begins to get a bit rambunctious and starts pushing harder. She knocks Candy backward and shortly after accidentally pops her own balloon with a loud, surprising bang!

The the next scene, Candy is still inside her giant balloon, but VeVe has challenged her to try to punch her way out. However, Candy must keep her feet moving, so as not to "cheat" by popping the balloon by snagging it on her foot. So Candy moves her feet and punches at the balloon - a bit of a physical challenge - until the finally punch pops it with a loud bang!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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