Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giant Clear Balloon on the Head!

Even more bubble trouble...

Balloon-Head Stuck!

VeVe was just casually enjoying an evening at home when suddenly she discovered.... a giant clear balloon stuck on her head!

Confused and mildly alarmed, VeVe takes a look in the mirror to be sure - and yes, what?! there is indeed a big, round balloon on her head. She has no idea how it got there or, more importantly, how to get it off...

She explores the balloon, talking out loud, and trying to figure out how to remove it. She squeezes it, knocks it from side to side, pulls it, pushes it, pokes and punches, grabs it with her legs, and even hits it with her book. But all to no avail. That balloon is tough and it's stuck! And so, after all of her removal efforts fail, VeVe shrugs and gives up. Might as well just live with it!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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