Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bound to a Balloon! Non-Pop

Bound to a Big Balloon
A Bondage Escape Challenge

VeVe's been wanting to try this escape challenge for quite some time: She has been rope bound very thoroughly to a fully inflated 36-inch balloon! The challenge here is to escape the predicament without popping the balloon.

The ropes bind her limbs and run over the balloon to create a web-work, cinched tightly enough to keep the balloon in place but with enough play to keep it from popping with movement. VeVe has 5 minutes to attempt her escape. The camera takes a good look at the bondage and situation for 1 minute before the timer starts.

VeVe starts the challenge seated on her butt, but rolls around in her attempts to escape, tipping over onto her back and side, and bobbling around as she struggles and strains.  Despite her rolling about, VeVe is quite stuck. She cannot escape at all and her struggles don't even loosen the bindings. VeVe is both frustrated and amazed. The balloon does not pop at all.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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