Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inside the Balloon-Filled Giant Balloon!

Surrounded by balloons inside the climb-in balloon...

Inside a Balloon-Filled Giant Balloon!

VeVe brings out her giant climb-in balloon for a creative new challenge: While inside her big balloon, she will inflate dozens of 12-inch balloons until the giant balloon is completely filled up with little balloons... and with VeVe still inside it!

The video opens with VeVe already inside her clear climb-in balloon. She has 73 of her 12-inch balloons, and over the course of about 40 minutes, she mouth inflates every single one of them, pausing only rarely to comment on a specific balloon or to marvel at her changing surroundings. At long last, she uses all of her 12-inchers and totally fills up her climb-in, crowding herself in with all of the smaller balloons!

Once her giant "gumball machine" is complete, VeVe cheerfully "swims" around inside, pushing her way through the little balloons and peering out from various spots. Very amused, VeVe shakes the giant balloon around, banging on the sides and causing a tremendous rustling of the smaller balloons inside. After about 10 minutes of exploring inside, completely covered by balloons, VeVe rolls the giant balloon and sticks her head out of its neck. She slowly and gradually emerges from the neck, successfully exiting while keeping the small balloons inside and preserving the climb-in balloon! Ta da! Quite an impressive feat!

(* Note: One of the 12-inch balloons accidentally pops toward the end of the video. This is not seen but it is heard. Aside from that one, no other balloons pop.)

Running time: 57 minutes

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: http://clips4sale.com/54709/12404273

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