Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tough 36-inch Purple Qualatex Blow-to-Pop

VeVe takes on this new 36-inch Qualatex balloon in a blow-to-pop challenge...

36-inch Purple Qualatex Blow-to-Pop (VeVe Lane)

After a little hiatus, VeVe returns for a new balloon blow-to-pop challenge. And she doesn't make it easy on herself, setting out to blow-burst a resilient 36-inch Qualatex balloon!

VeVe sets up her stopwatch to see how long it will take, and she jumps right in for this tough lung and core workout. Blowing up this balloon requires a lot of focused blowing power, and VeVe's abs and torso muscles strain and flex as she pushes out each forceful breath. She's relentless in her blowing, pausing only rarely to readjust her grip on the neck. As the balloon nears its maximum capacity, VeVe struggles and strains to force in just a few more breaths.... until it finally explodes!

Excited and pleased, and with her ears still ringing from the loud pop in the small room, VeVe grabs her stopwatch and announces her time. She's pumped to have conquered that balloon!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

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