Friday, November 7, 2014

Unwinding with Balloons: VeVe's Executive Ride-Popping!

Even high-powered executives love a chance to unwind and let their hair down...

Unwinding with Balloons: Ride-Pop and Strip

Executive businesswoman VeVe returns home after a long day at the office, and she's really looking forward to her favorite type of after-work relaxation... She closes the door and looks over her waiting collection of inflated balloons. Time for the fun to begin: time for some riding!

VeVe slips off her shoes and gingerly steps onto her cushion, inspecting her balloons in anticipation. Starting out gradually, VeVe crouches down, hikes up her skirt, and slips a 12-inch balloon beneath her. She savors several short warm-up rides with various 12-inch balloons, ride-popping each before moving to the next, while unbuttoning her suit jacket, letting her hair down, and enjoying the feel of the latex beneath her.

Now really getting into the mood, VeVe brings in one of her 36-inch balloons and begins to bounce-ride more wildly. She removes her jacket and gleefully bounce-rides the balloon until it pops. She sit-pops and ride-pops several more 12-inch balloons in a variety of colors before bringing in another 36-inch balloon. Excited and revved-up now, VeVe whips off her blouse and rides the 36-incher hard, butt bouncing and belly bouncing until it pops. VeVe finally removes her skirt, left only in stockings, garter belt, bra, and thong panties, as she ride-pops several more 12 and 24 inch balloons, and two more 36-inch balloons. She rides hard, absolutely loving every second.

VeVe takes her time with her final 36-inch balloon, rolling on it on her belly and back, enjoying the luxury of her balloon-seat until she finally sit-pops it. Totally content, she collapses on her cushion, surrounded by latex scraps. A lovely way to unwind from the work day! 

VeVe starts in business skirt suit and gradually strips to bra, panties, thigh-high stockings. Riding seen from front, side, back. Using four 36-inch and several more smaller balloons of 12 and 24 inches. Some pop fast, some require a lot of riding.

Video running time: 20 minutes

At the Petite Powerhouse Studio:

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