Saturday, April 5, 2014

Balloon Head Snorkeling

By special request, VeVe dives in for some balloon head snorkeling!

Snorkel Balloon Head

VeVe tries out a new idea with her clear head-balloon: she goes in with a snorkel set!

The video opens with VeVe putting her head into the deflated balloon while she is also wearing the snorkel set's mask. She then inflates the balloon and then plays with it.

At about 3:30, she then puts the snorkel breathing tube into the balloon as well, putting it into her mouth and completing the snorkel set. Now, with her mask and breathing tube, she continues to play with the balloon on her head, also making swimming motions while standing, and then lying on the floor and "swimming" as well.

She concludes with a little speech while still keeping the breathing tube in her mouth. VeVe definitely had fun trying this new idea!

Available at the Petite Powerhouse studio: