Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inside the Balloon-Filled Giant Balloon!

Surrounded by balloons inside the climb-in balloon...

Inside a Balloon-Filled Giant Balloon!

VeVe brings out her giant climb-in balloon for a creative new challenge: While inside her big balloon, she will inflate dozens of 12-inch balloons until the giant balloon is completely filled up with little balloons... and with VeVe still inside it!

The video opens with VeVe already inside her clear climb-in balloon. She has 73 of her 12-inch balloons, and over the course of about 40 minutes, she mouth inflates every single one of them, pausing only rarely to comment on a specific balloon or to marvel at her changing surroundings. At long last, she uses all of her 12-inchers and totally fills up her climb-in, crowding herself in with all of the smaller balloons!

Once her giant "gumball machine" is complete, VeVe cheerfully "swims" around inside, pushing her way through the little balloons and peering out from various spots. Very amused, VeVe shakes the giant balloon around, banging on the sides and causing a tremendous rustling of the smaller balloons inside. After about 10 minutes of exploring inside, completely covered by balloons, VeVe rolls the giant balloon and sticks her head out of its neck. She slowly and gradually emerges from the neck, successfully exiting while keeping the small balloons inside and preserving the climb-in balloon! Ta da! Quite an impressive feat!

(* Note: One of the 12-inch balloons accidentally pops toward the end of the video. This is not seen but it is heard. Aside from that one, no other balloons pop.)

Running time: 57 minutes

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: http://clips4sale.com/54709/12404273

Friday, November 7, 2014

Unwinding with Balloons: VeVe's Executive Ride-Popping!

Even high-powered executives love a chance to unwind and let their hair down...

Unwinding with Balloons: Ride-Pop and Strip

Executive businesswoman VeVe returns home after a long day at the office, and she's really looking forward to her favorite type of after-work relaxation... She closes the door and looks over her waiting collection of inflated balloons. Time for the fun to begin: time for some riding!

VeVe slips off her shoes and gingerly steps onto her cushion, inspecting her balloons in anticipation. Starting out gradually, VeVe crouches down, hikes up her skirt, and slips a 12-inch balloon beneath her. She savors several short warm-up rides with various 12-inch balloons, ride-popping each before moving to the next, while unbuttoning her suit jacket, letting her hair down, and enjoying the feel of the latex beneath her.

Now really getting into the mood, VeVe brings in one of her 36-inch balloons and begins to bounce-ride more wildly. She removes her jacket and gleefully bounce-rides the balloon until it pops. She sit-pops and ride-pops several more 12-inch balloons in a variety of colors before bringing in another 36-inch balloon. Excited and revved-up now, VeVe whips off her blouse and rides the 36-incher hard, butt bouncing and belly bouncing until it pops. VeVe finally removes her skirt, left only in stockings, garter belt, bra, and thong panties, as she ride-pops several more 12 and 24 inch balloons, and two more 36-inch balloons. She rides hard, absolutely loving every second.

VeVe takes her time with her final 36-inch balloon, rolling on it on her belly and back, enjoying the luxury of her balloon-seat until she finally sit-pops it. Totally content, she collapses on her cushion, surrounded by latex scraps. A lovely way to unwind from the work day! 

VeVe starts in business skirt suit and gradually strips to bra, panties, thigh-high stockings. Riding seen from front, side, back. Using four 36-inch and several more smaller balloons of 12 and 24 inches. Some pop fast, some require a lot of riding.

Video running time: 20 minutes

At the Petite Powerhouse Studio: http://clips4sale.com/54709/12398963

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tough 36-inch Purple Qualatex Blow-to-Pop

VeVe takes on this new 36-inch Qualatex balloon in a blow-to-pop challenge...

36-inch Purple Qualatex Blow-to-Pop (VeVe Lane)

After a little hiatus, VeVe returns for a new balloon blow-to-pop challenge. And she doesn't make it easy on herself, setting out to blow-burst a resilient 36-inch Qualatex balloon!

VeVe sets up her stopwatch to see how long it will take, and she jumps right in for this tough lung and core workout. Blowing up this balloon requires a lot of focused blowing power, and VeVe's abs and torso muscles strain and flex as she pushes out each forceful breath. She's relentless in her blowing, pausing only rarely to readjust her grip on the neck. As the balloon nears its maximum capacity, VeVe struggles and strains to force in just a few more breaths.... until it finally explodes!

Excited and pleased, and with her ears still ringing from the loud pop in the small room, VeVe grabs her stopwatch and announces her time. She's pumped to have conquered that balloon!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: http://clips4sale.com/54709/12395537

Monday, April 21, 2014

36-inch Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe vs Diablo

B2P Battle of the Sexes: 36-inch Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race
VeVe Lane vs Diablo

VeVe and Diablo go head-to-head in a Battle of the Sexes Blow-to-Pop Race! They prepare for the long-haul and use 36-inch balloons for this challenge.

VeVe is experienced when it comes to 36-inch blow-to-pops, but this is Diablo's first 36-inch attempt, and only his second B2P ever. Both VeVe and Diablo are athletic with a lot of determination and good lung capacity, and they're both up for the challenge!

They are neck-and-neck in the race to pop, but after a ton of dedicated blowing, one eventually emerges as the winner with a big bang. But the loser doesn't quit, finishing soon after with another big bang. Whew! And after all that blowing and two hard-earned pops, the loser raises the winner's hand in victory.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: http://clips4sale.com/54709/10967661

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snorkeling Inside the Giant Balloon

Snorkeling Inside the Giant Balloon

More balloon snorkeling - this time, VeVe and her snorkel set go fully inside a 6-foot clear giant balloon!
The video opens with VeVe inside her giant balloon. She puts on her swim fins, pulls down her mask, sticks in her snorkel, and goes for a brief "swim" inside the balloon. However, the balloon pops unexpectedly ! But VeVe keeps her snorkel gear on regardless.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:  http://clips4sale.com/54709/10879453

Bound to a Balloon! Non-Pop

Bound to a Big Balloon
A Bondage Escape Challenge

VeVe's been wanting to try this escape challenge for quite some time: She has been rope bound very thoroughly to a fully inflated 36-inch balloon! The challenge here is to escape the predicament without popping the balloon.

The ropes bind her limbs and run over the balloon to create a web-work, cinched tightly enough to keep the balloon in place but with enough play to keep it from popping with movement. VeVe has 5 minutes to attempt her escape. The camera takes a good look at the bondage and situation for 1 minute before the timer starts.

VeVe starts the challenge seated on her butt, but rolls around in her attempts to escape, tipping over onto her back and side, and bobbling around as she struggles and strains.  Despite her rolling about, VeVe is quite stuck. She cannot escape at all and her struggles don't even loosen the bindings. VeVe is both frustrated and amazed. The balloon does not pop at all.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:   http://clips4sale.com/54709/10656743

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Balloon Head Snorkeling

By special request, VeVe dives in for some balloon head snorkeling!

Snorkel Balloon Head

VeVe tries out a new idea with her clear head-balloon: she goes in with a snorkel set!

The video opens with VeVe putting her head into the deflated balloon while she is also wearing the snorkel set's mask. She then inflates the balloon and then plays with it.

At about 3:30, she then puts the snorkel breathing tube into the balloon as well, putting it into her mouth and completing the snorkel set. Now, with her mask and breathing tube, she continues to play with the balloon on her head, also making swimming motions while standing, and then lying on the floor and "swimming" as well.

She concludes with a little speech while still keeping the breathing tube in her mouth. VeVe definitely had fun trying this new idea!

Available at the Petite Powerhouse studio:  http://clips4sale.com/54709/10596875