Wednesday, September 11, 2013

36" Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe vs Kim

36-inch Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe Lane vs Kim of Italy

VeVe and her friend Kim go head-to-head in a blow-to-pop race, using big 36-inch balloons! The ladies both start blowing at the same time. The first one to burst her balloon wins! The loser must continue blowing until she finally blow-pops her balloon as well.

This video was released as a "Full" version and an "Abridged" version.

The FULL version includes all of the footage from the contest, plus the excessive blowing by the loser after the winner has popped her balloon. The loser blows, and blows, and blows, fully inflating her balloon but still not popping it. Finally, the winner provides a little tip about how to hold the balloon neck better, which helps the loser finally complete her pop.

The ABRIDGED version includes full footage of the contest until the winner blow-to-pops her balloon. The loser, however, took an incredibly long time to pop her balloon, so the footage has been abridged to remove 10 minutes of blowing following the winner's pop. Here, after the winner's pop, there's a dissolve, a little more blowing from the loser, and finally the loser's pop - essentially getting us to the 2nd pop more quickly.

All-in-all, it was quite a lot of lung power from the ladies!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Blow-to-Pop Cattex GL700 Airship Balloon!

Now for one of VeVe's largest balloon Blow-to-Pops...

VeVe's GL700 Giant Airship Blow-to-Pop

VeVe received a gift of a Cattex GL700 "Giant Airship" balloon, along with a challenge request to blow-to-pop it. And VeVe is pleased to give it a go!

She puts her lung power to good use in this long haul of an inflation process. VeVe blow-inflates this big, long balloon for over 20 minutes, never giving up and working through until the final, gratifying pop! Whew!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: