Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Christmas Ride! 36" Balloons

Those were some tough balloons!

Wild Christmas Ride 36-inch Balloons
December 2013

VeVe celebrates Christmas Eve this year with a wild bouncing ride on some of her big 36-inch balloons! In this full version, VeVe bounce-rides a red balloon and then a green balloon.

The red balloon is slightly under-inflated, so it gives VeVe the most wild ride. She bounces very hard, trying to get it to pop, and she's quite surprised at how resilient it is! After 5 minutes of bouncing, including some hard bounce-pop attempts, she finally pops the balloon with her fingers in frustration.

She then brings in a more inflated green balloon. She starts off riding and bouncing slowly, but eventually builds back to her wild ways. After about 4 minutes, VeVe finally bounce-pops the green balloon. A ton of fun and a ton of bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

A tiny little preview trailer:

Giant Airship Balloon Sofa Attempt!

A first attempt at balloon furniture...

Airship Balloon Sofa and Pop...
December 2013

VeVe takes another Cattex GL700 Airship balloon and uses it as a latex inflatable sofa! The last time VeVe tried sitting on an Airship Balloon, she was joined by Amazon Annie, and the balloon popped quickly. But THIS time, VeVe has a bigger balloon, and she wants to see how long the balloon can last.

VeVe climbs carefully onto the balloon, testing it. She straddles it, lays face-down on it, sits on it, bounces gently, and lays face-up, with each adjustment making the classic "squeak" sound of the latex.

Finally, VeVe puts her full body weight on the balloon, laying face-up, lifting her legs off the ground. But the balloon can take no more, and it pops! The balloon disappears from under the very surprised VeVe, and she lands on the floor. Whoops!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

36-inch Balloons on the Arms and Legs!

A new balloon idea, and an experiment...

Balloon Limbs. Four 36-inch Balloons!

VeVe tries a new idea with her big 36-inch balloons. She puts her arms and legs each into a balloon to see what it's like to have "balloon limbs!"

With her new balloon limbs in place, VeVe explores the room, testing out what she can and cannot do. She walks (waddles) about, spins around, tries to open the door, sits in her chair, moves her chair, plays with a smaller 12-inch balloon, experiences a lot of static cling, lays on the floor while still trying to capture that 12-inch balloon, and she makes a little balloon house for herself with her "limbs."

VeVe has fun trying out this unique type of "balloon bondage," and she finds it an entertaining but awkward challenge!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: