Monday, April 21, 2014

36-inch Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe vs Diablo

B2P Battle of the Sexes: 36-inch Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race
VeVe Lane vs Diablo

VeVe and Diablo go head-to-head in a Battle of the Sexes Blow-to-Pop Race! They prepare for the long-haul and use 36-inch balloons for this challenge.

VeVe is experienced when it comes to 36-inch blow-to-pops, but this is Diablo's first 36-inch attempt, and only his second B2P ever. Both VeVe and Diablo are athletic with a lot of determination and good lung capacity, and they're both up for the challenge!

They are neck-and-neck in the race to pop, but after a ton of dedicated blowing, one eventually emerges as the winner with a big bang. But the loser doesn't quit, finishing soon after with another big bang. Whew! And after all that blowing and two hard-earned pops, the loser raises the winner's hand in victory.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snorkeling Inside the Giant Balloon

Snorkeling Inside the Giant Balloon

More balloon snorkeling - this time, VeVe and her snorkel set go fully inside a 6-foot clear giant balloon!
The video opens with VeVe inside her giant balloon. She puts on her swim fins, pulls down her mask, sticks in her snorkel, and goes for a brief "swim" inside the balloon. However, the balloon pops unexpectedly ! But VeVe keeps her snorkel gear on regardless.

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Bound to a Balloon! Non-Pop

Bound to a Big Balloon
A Bondage Escape Challenge

VeVe's been wanting to try this escape challenge for quite some time: She has been rope bound very thoroughly to a fully inflated 36-inch balloon! The challenge here is to escape the predicament without popping the balloon.

The ropes bind her limbs and run over the balloon to create a web-work, cinched tightly enough to keep the balloon in place but with enough play to keep it from popping with movement. VeVe has 5 minutes to attempt her escape. The camera takes a good look at the bondage and situation for 1 minute before the timer starts.

VeVe starts the challenge seated on her butt, but rolls around in her attempts to escape, tipping over onto her back and side, and bobbling around as she struggles and strains.  Despite her rolling about, VeVe is quite stuck. She cannot escape at all and her struggles don't even loosen the bindings. VeVe is both frustrated and amazed. The balloon does not pop at all.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Balloon Head Snorkeling

By special request, VeVe dives in for some balloon head snorkeling!

Snorkel Balloon Head

VeVe tries out a new idea with her clear head-balloon: she goes in with a snorkel set!

The video opens with VeVe putting her head into the deflated balloon while she is also wearing the snorkel set's mask. She then inflates the balloon and then plays with it.

At about 3:30, she then puts the snorkel breathing tube into the balloon as well, putting it into her mouth and completing the snorkel set. Now, with her mask and breathing tube, she continues to play with the balloon on her head, also making swimming motions while standing, and then lying on the floor and "swimming" as well.

She concludes with a little speech while still keeping the breathing tube in her mouth. VeVe definitely had fun trying this new idea!

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