Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And MORE Wild Balloon Riding!

VeVe had so much fun with her Wild Christmas Riding that a fan gifted her with a bunch of new balloons for even more riding!

More Wild Balloon Riding!

In this video, VeVe ride-pops about 12 slightly under-inflated 16-inch and 24-inch balloons in a variety of solid colors. For every balloons she rides, the balloon neck faces forward and VeVe's knees touch the ground as she rides them very hard and very wildly. Some balloons pop faster than others, but some require a LOT of riding. Sometimes she even bounce-rides so hard that both she and the balloon jump off the ground!

For several of the balloons, the neck swells and bulges forward as VeVe bounces. She rides every balloon until it pops. VeVe has a ton of fun and really enjoys all the hard bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:  http://clips4sale.com/54709/10293463