Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Christmas Ride! 36" Balloons

Those were some tough balloons!

Wild Christmas Ride 36-inch Balloons
December 2013

VeVe celebrates Christmas Eve this year with a wild bouncing ride on some of her big 36-inch balloons! In this full version, VeVe bounce-rides a red balloon and then a green balloon.

The red balloon is slightly under-inflated, so it gives VeVe the most wild ride. She bounces very hard, trying to get it to pop, and she's quite surprised at how resilient it is! After 5 minutes of bouncing, including some hard bounce-pop attempts, she finally pops the balloon with her fingers in frustration.

She then brings in a more inflated green balloon. She starts off riding and bouncing slowly, but eventually builds back to her wild ways. After about 4 minutes, VeVe finally bounce-pops the green balloon. A ton of fun and a ton of bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

A tiny little preview trailer:

Giant Airship Balloon Sofa Attempt!

A first attempt at balloon furniture...

Airship Balloon Sofa and Pop...
December 2013

VeVe takes another Cattex GL700 Airship balloon and uses it as a latex inflatable sofa! The last time VeVe tried sitting on an Airship Balloon, she was joined by Amazon Annie, and the balloon popped quickly. But THIS time, VeVe has a bigger balloon, and she wants to see how long the balloon can last.

VeVe climbs carefully onto the balloon, testing it. She straddles it, lays face-down on it, sits on it, bounces gently, and lays face-up, with each adjustment making the classic "squeak" sound of the latex.

Finally, VeVe puts her full body weight on the balloon, laying face-up, lifting her legs off the ground. But the balloon can take no more, and it pops! The balloon disappears from under the very surprised VeVe, and she lands on the floor. Whoops!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

36-inch Balloons on the Arms and Legs!

A new balloon idea, and an experiment...

Balloon Limbs. Four 36-inch Balloons!

VeVe tries a new idea with her big 36-inch balloons. She puts her arms and legs each into a balloon to see what it's like to have "balloon limbs!"

With her new balloon limbs in place, VeVe explores the room, testing out what she can and cannot do. She walks (waddles) about, spins around, tries to open the door, sits in her chair, moves her chair, plays with a smaller 12-inch balloon, experiences a lot of static cling, lays on the floor while still trying to capture that 12-inch balloon, and she makes a little balloon house for herself with her "limbs."

VeVe has fun trying out this unique type of "balloon bondage," and she finds it an entertaining but awkward challenge!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Giant Airship Balloon B2P Race: VeVe vs Amazon Annie

Another giant airship balloon and another blow-to-pop race!

Giant Airship B2P Race: Cattex GL500
VeVe Lane vs Amazon Annie.  October 2013

VeVe and her friend Amazon Annie face off in a blow-to-pop race with VeVe's new Cattex GL500 giant airship balloons!

This is only Annie's second blow-to-pop attempt, so it is very brave of her to enter this contest with VeVe! Afterall, the Cattex GL500 airship can inflate to about 6-feet long; that's a tough feat to attempt for a B2P newbie. But veteran or newbie, racing to pop these big balloons will require a lot of lung power!

The ladies race to inflate their giant balloons until one of the airships bursts. Once the winner's balloon has popped, the loser ties off her super-inflated balloon. Then the two ladies straddle the long balloon and bounce until it pops!

At the Petite Powerhouse Studio:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Princess Trapped in the Giant Balloon!

Finally, a great success with the princess dress and the giant climb-in balloon!

Princess Trapped in Balloon (non-pop)

This pretty princess finds herself helplessly trapped inside a giant balloon! She's frightened, alone, and totally unable to escape her latex prison cell.

She presses her hands and bangs on the balloon walls, but still can find no escape. After a while, she begins to panic and cry out for help. But no help is coming. The princess's cries become even more distressed the longer she is in the balloon. And even more upsetting - toward the end, the balloon begins to slowly deflate on her... She's helpless to stop it as the balloon deflates completely with her still inside.

Technical details: Balloon is misty translucent. Multiple camera angles, including wide, close-ups, front, side, high, low. Completely in character. Strong display of fear and hysteria.

Available at the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here is an extended video preview trailer:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

36" Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe vs Kim

36-inch Balloon Blow-to-Pop Race: VeVe Lane vs Kim of Italy

VeVe and her friend Kim go head-to-head in a blow-to-pop race, using big 36-inch balloons! The ladies both start blowing at the same time. The first one to burst her balloon wins! The loser must continue blowing until she finally blow-pops her balloon as well.

This video was released as a "Full" version and an "Abridged" version.

The FULL version includes all of the footage from the contest, plus the excessive blowing by the loser after the winner has popped her balloon. The loser blows, and blows, and blows, fully inflating her balloon but still not popping it. Finally, the winner provides a little tip about how to hold the balloon neck better, which helps the loser finally complete her pop.

The ABRIDGED version includes full footage of the contest until the winner blow-to-pops her balloon. The loser, however, took an incredibly long time to pop her balloon, so the footage has been abridged to remove 10 minutes of blowing following the winner's pop. Here, after the winner's pop, there's a dissolve, a little more blowing from the loser, and finally the loser's pop - essentially getting us to the 2nd pop more quickly.

All-in-all, it was quite a lot of lung power from the ladies!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Blow-to-Pop Cattex GL700 Airship Balloon!

Now for one of VeVe's largest balloon Blow-to-Pops...

VeVe's GL700 Giant Airship Blow-to-Pop

VeVe received a gift of a Cattex GL700 "Giant Airship" balloon, along with a challenge request to blow-to-pop it. And VeVe is pleased to give it a go!

She puts her lung power to good use in this long haul of an inflation process. VeVe blow-inflates this big, long balloon for over 20 minutes, never giving up and working through until the final, gratifying pop! Whew!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon: Balloon Climb-in Video

Many thanks to VeVe's balloon sponsor for providing such the lovely, strong, transparent giant balloon for this video!

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon. Non-Pop.
July 2013

VeVe receives a giant high-quality clear balloon as a gift, along with a request to climb inside! She is pleased to give it a try.

In this continuous video, VeVe climbs inside of her inflated giant balloon, slipping her hands through, then pulling the neck over her head and body. Once she is inside, her cameraman adds more air to the balloon via electric pump (POV) and then he loosely ties it off (on camera). Slowly, throughout the video, air escapes from the tie, and the balloon shrinks with VeVe still in it...

As she is inside the balloon, and as it gradually shrinks, VeVe presses her hands into the balloon, pounds on it with punches, and gives us a glimpse of a balloon as a bondage device... or fantasy prison cell?

Finally, the tie is loosened (POV) even more, and the balloon shrinks more quickly, totally deflating with VeVe inside! VeVe sticks her finger tips outside the neck and calls for the air pump. The tie is removed, the pump nozzle is reinserted, and the balloon re-inflated. VeVe then climbs out of the balloon to freedom.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate 3.5 mbps.

VeVe requires no assistance entering or exiting the balloon; she manages it by herself. VeVe wears black leotard and tights, plus yellow opera gloves to prevent her from using fingernails on the balloon. The camera never stops rolling throughout the entire piece. Filmed under safe and controlled conditions.

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:


Saturday, July 13, 2013

VeVe Introduces Kim to the Balloon Blow-to-Pop!

VeVe introduces her Italian friend Kim to the art of the Balloon Blow-to-Pop. Kim is nervous at first, but soon jumps right in. This room has a great echo for balloon popping.

VeVe brings out her brand new tie-dye style 12-inch balloons for this one.

Enjoy this video on youtube:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New 72-inch Balloon: Pump-Up and Bounce Pop

Giant Balloon Pump and Bounce Pop

VeVe brings out her second 72-inch balloon, in response to a request to lay on one of these giant balloons.
She inflates the balloon using her bellows foot pump, pumping up the balloon until it is as tall as she is (about 64 inches). The entire foot pump inflation is shown on camera, taking about 12 minutes.

Once the balloon reaches VeVe's height - taking up a lot of space in the room - she ties it off and starts to play with it. She tries gently laying her belly onto it several times - light belly-down bouncing. She then switches to laying her back into it. She bounces her back on the balloon several times... until it suddenly and unexpectedly pops! VeVe is totally surprised as she falls to the floor on her butt - it seems she bounced a little too hard!

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:
And the final Pop is a stand-alone clip as well:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Qualatex Blow-to-Pop Time Test!

Earlier this year, a fan suggested that VeVe try a new sort of Blow-to-Pop time test.  She has tried blow-to-pops with small balloons and large balloons, and she's tried a time test with several 12-inch balloons... but this fan suggested a time test with a large Qualatex balloon.

Qualatex balloons are of a higher strength and quality, compared with run-of-the-mill balloons, so this sort of test would require the blowing to be both fast and hard.  So, VeVe got herself set up with a 24-inch Qualatex balloon and...

In her first time test, attempted last month, she got the balloon very firmly inflated, but the neck became too difficult to hold on to, and the balloon slipped away.  And so, VeVe went in search of a better way to stabilize the neck and lip piece.

Another fan suggested a better way of holding the balloon to the lips:

"make a ring with your thumb and forefinger around the neck and hold it against the OUTSIDE of your mouth, then when it gets really big, hold it hard against your mouth and breath in through your nose."

VeVe attempted the time test again, and this method worked perfectly!  Blow-to-Pop successful!  And here's the video clip announcement and pictures:

Qualatex 24in Blow-to-Pop
July 2013

VeVe runs a successful Blow-to-Pop time test for one of her new 24-inch Qualatex balloons!

She starts her timer and races as fast as she can to blow-to-pop this big, strong balloon. It's hard work, it's sweaty, and it certainly take a lot of lung power to make this thing explode!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tight Jeans Balloon Scissor Squeeze Popping

Returning to one of her favorite balloon activities, VeVe presents another round of balloon scissor popping!  And lately, she's been enjoying her new pair of super tight jeans - wearing them for wrestling and to scissor squeeze people.  Now she brings her favorite jeans into the balloon realm.  And, hey, they do provide some nice protection against balloon-pop stings.

Here's the original write-up and description:

Tight Jeans Balloon Scissor Squeeze Popping
June 2013

VeVe's super tight jeans were a big hit for her facesitting, scissoring, and bondage wrestling videos, so she decided it's time the balloons faced off against her tight jeans as well.

Over the course of this video, VeVe scissor squeeze-pops a total of eight (8) 12-inch balloons. She uses a variety of scissoring positions: facing toward the camera, away, to either side, and even on her back with legs in the air. She scissor squeezes the balloons both on the couch and on the floor. Some of the balloons are stubborn and require some extra hard and repeated scissor squeezing in order to pop. By they all go down eventually!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here's a little trailer from VeVe's PetitePowerNYC youtube channel:

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation Challenge

VeVe's next balloon adventure was a bit out of the ordinary, compared to her previous balloonery exploits.  This time, based on a fan's suggestion, VeVe opts for plastic instead of latex - a plastic balloon or, rather, a plastic bubble.  The biggest plastic bubble that she can blow, actually.

VeVe used several tubes of B'loonies plastic material and inflated the plastic bubble to be as large as it could be, before it sprung a leak.  The process took about 30 minutes!

Here's the original write-up and description:

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation
May 2013

VeVe received a challenge to blow the biggest plastic bubble she could. And so, she gives it a try!

In this video, VeVe uses several tubes of B'loonies plastic balloon goo to create her giant plastic bubble. She sticks a straw into the balloon goo and blows until she inflates her plastic bubble as much as it will go. VeVe blows through the straw the entire time, and after 30 minutes, the bubble inflates to about 36 inches. At that point, the plastic balloon tears a small, unseen hole and starts to deflate.

The camera captures the entire inflation process using a variety of distances and angles.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here is a trailer from VeVe's PetitePowerNYC youtube channel:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Fingernail Balloon Popping from VeVe

A short little clip, but filled with fingernail balloon popping!  VeVe sinks her freshly-painted fingernails into a series of 12-inch balloons, a 24-inch balloon, and finally a 36-inch balloon.  Here's the official write-up from the Petite Powerhouse studio:

VeVe's Silver Fingernail Balloon Popping

VeVe enjoys a new round of fingernail balloon popping with her fresh, new silver nail polish.

Dressed in her black bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings, VeVe fingernail pops seven (7) 12-inch balloons of various colors using a claw-gripping motion. She then fingernail pops a red Qualatex 24-inch balloon. And lastly she fingernail pops a blue 36-inch balloon.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here is a trailer overview of VeVe's Spring 2013 balloon videos, including the silver fingernail popping!

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Stiletto Heel Balloon Popping!

VeVe got back into her thigh-high stiletto boots for a new heel popping video.  Here's the official write-up:

Close Up Stiletto Balloon Popping
May 2013
Petite Powerhouse Studio link:

VeVe shows her sadistic side as she slowly steps on and pops under-inflated balloons with her stiletto heel boots.

After an initial view of VeVe in her black bra, panties, garter belt, and thigh-high leather boots, the camera moves in for a close up view of the balloons at VeVe's feet. Over the course of the video, VeVe presses her stiletto heel into each under-inflated 12-inch balloon until the balloon pops.

10 total balloons are popped. Popping speed varies from slow heel pressing to near-stomping, with emphasis on pressing. Balloons are a variety of colors. 

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Friday, April 12, 2013

72-inch Balloon Blow Experiment

72-inch Balloon Blow Experiment. NON-POP.

VeVe finally gets her hands on a 72-inch balloon and rigs up a method to inflate it using her mouth and lung power. Now she has a chance to experiment with this new balloon to see just how much she can inflate it.

Over the entire course of this video, VeVe blows and blows non-stop, taking no breaks or pauses, as she inflates the balloon using 100% pure lung power. She works from standing, sitting, laying on the ground, kneeling, and finishes standing.

After about 36 minutes of blowing, VeVe manages to inflate the balloon to about a 54-inch diameter (137 cm). She then blocks the opening with her hand and plays with the balloon briefly before letting it deflate.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Princess VeVe's 36 inch Blow-to-Pop

Princess 36-inch Blow-to-Pop
Presented by VeVe Lane!

VeVe puts a regal vibe into her next balloon blow-to-pop.  Wearing her shiny yellow princess dress and gloves, VeVe performs a full blow-to-pop on a blue 36-inch balloon.  The big balloon takes a lot of air before its final explosion.  That's a lot of lung power from this pretty princess!

This makes VeVe's 2nd blow-to-pop of a 36-incher using just her lung power.  Afterwards, she reports that it was the strongest pop she's experienced yet from a blow-to-pop in her face.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

VeVe introduces Indra and Athena to balloon popping

VeVe introduces Indra and Athena to balloon popping...

Pantyhose Balloon Popping: VeVe, Athena, and Indra
March 2013

VeVe invites her friends Athena and Indra to try some balloon popping: in particular balloon popping with leg scissors.

Neither Athena nor Indra has tried balloon popping before, let alone scissoring balloons. Indra first admitted that she was even a bit afraid of popping balloons. But VeVe gives them a demonstration, and the ladies dive in.

They are enthusiastic and very energetic, having fun as they sit in a circle and attempt to scissor squeeze pop the balloons. Between the three of them, the ladies scissor squeeze pop a total of 11 balloons. Indra sit-pops 2 balloons, using her first sit-pop as a way of getting over her fear of balloon popping.

It's a lot of fun and great comradery between the ladies. A nice introduction to balloon popping for Athena and Indra. All three ladies wear leotards and pantyhose.

Available at the Petite Powerhouse studio:


Friday, February 8, 2013

Sit Popping French Maid VeVe

Sit Popping French Maid VeVe
Filmed Jan 2013

Following her "Hug Popping French Maid" video, VeVe still had a few balloons left over. So, in order to "clean up," she decided she would sit-pop them as fast as she could!

Still in her French Maid outfit, VeVe grabs every balloon she can get, one at a time, and pops it by bouncing and sitting on it.

In total, she sit-pops 36 balloons (all 12-inch size), each one exploding with a loud, resounding Bang! VeVe gives us views from the front, sides, and rear, as she goes about sit-popping every single balloon left in the room.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

VeVe's Balloon Hug Popping Trailer

A small excerpt from VeVe's "French Maid Balloon Hug Popping" video.   The balloons are slightly under-inflated, so squeeze-popping is not so easy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Balloon Hug Popping French Maid

Hug Popping French Maid
Filmed Jan 2013

VeVe, dressed in a "French maid" outfit with stockings, garters, and high heels, presents a 30-minute balloon hug-popping video.

VeVe starts out surrounded by dozens of 12-inch balloons, and she sets out to hug-pop as many as possible in 30 minutes. Of course, none of these balloons are over inflated, so popping them is not so easy! As a result, VeVe spends a lot of time hugging and squeezing each balloon with her arms in an effort to pop it. As she wraps each balloon in her arms and crushes it to her chest, the balloon contorts and bulges out above and below her arms.

VeVe is able to hug-pop most of the balloons she picks up, with great effort, but if she is ever unable to pop the balloon by hugging, despite her best squeezing efforts, she sets the balloon on the floor and lays belly-down on it to pop it.

VeVe's hugging pop style includes both slowly squeezing the balloon tightly to her chest and also quickly and powerfully crushing the balloon to her body. Camera angles include full body shots as well as close ups on VeVe's upper body and balloon during squeezing.

In total, VeVe hug-pops 11 balloons and lay-pops 5 balloons. As she works and squeezes, VeVe huffs with exertion. Each balloon burst results in a very loud, resounding POP!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:


Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Fingernail Balloon Pop in Corset

A quick little video excerpt of VeVe performing a fingernail balloon pop while wearing her sleek black leather corset:

This small fingernail balloon popping excerpt was from a larger video that actually focused mainly on stiletto boot balloon popping!

36 inch Balloon Pump-to-Pop

36 inch Balloon Pump-to-Pop
December 2012

VeVe tries out her first pump-to-pop video using a bellows foot pump and a 36-inch balloon! She wears tan pantyhose and high heeled sandals for this video, to show off her legs and calves in action as she presses on the bellows.

VeVe doesn't know when the balloon will be filled enough to pop, but when it does get huge enough to pop, it catches her by surprise with its explosion!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Bounce-to-Pop Double Stuffed 36 inch Balloons

Bounce-to-Pop Double Stuffed 36 inch Balloons
December 2012

In order to do some really hard bouncing, VeVe stuffs one 36-inch balloon inside another for additional durability. However, even the double-stuffed balloons are no match for VeVe when she uses them like a hoppity-hopper (space hopper).

First, she bounces on a double-stuffed red balloon. But the red outside balloon bursts under the pressure, catching VeVe totally by surprise, and revealing the yellow balloon inflated inside! VeVe then continues bouncing on the yellow balloon until it pops and she falls to the mats.

Next VeVe takes out a pink balloon, which has been reinforced with an orange balloon inside. The pink balloon holds up well, and VeVe bounces very high and very hard on it. The outter pink balloon finally bursts to reveal the orange balloon inside. VeVe then bounces on the orange balloon until, after many hops, it finally explodes underneath her.  Lots of fun and really hard bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

50 Balloon Stomp Bursting!

50 Balloon Stomp Bursting!
December 2012

VeVe decides that if balloon stomping is good, then more stomping is better!

In this clip, VeVe enthusiastically stomp pops over 50 balloons. She has great fun doing it, strutting in her tiny thong bikini and stomping the balloons continuously. Each stomp resulting in a loud, resounding pop. We start with a room full of balloons, and we finish with a smiling VeVe and a floor covered in colorful latex "confetti!"

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

36 inch Balloon Inflation and Play (Non-Pop)

36 inch Balloon Inflation and Play (Non-Pop)
Filmed December 2012

VeVe presents her second 36-inch balloon inflation video. In this video, she inflates the balloon to its full capacity, using her lung power, but does not pop the balloon.

While blowing up the balloon, VeVe pinches off the neck and briefly plays a bit; she lays on the balloon, sits on it, and bounces on it. She then returns to inflating it even more. Once the balloon is fully inflated, she playfully throws it into the air and watches it fly around the room as it deflates itself, finally retrieving it once it is fully deflated and showing us the flattened balloon.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Blow-to-Pop Time Test. First Attempt!

Blow-to-Pop Time Test.  First Attempt!
December 2012

VeVe was curious how many 12-inch balloons she can blow-to-pop in 5 minutes. So, she gives it a try!

VeVe moves as urgently as possible, blowing up red and green balloons, one immediately after the other, until they are so full they burst in her face. It's a no-nonsense B2P time test. How many balloons can she explode before time runs out?!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beachball Deflation by Squeezing

Beachball Deflation by Squeezing
December 2012

VeVe gets her hands (and legs) on a special, printed beachball. And she squeezes it into submission!
She inflates the beachball and then gets down to business, squeezing the ball with her arms and legs, using enough force to pop open the stopper and squeeze some air out.

VeVe reinflates the beachball again, as fully as possible, and moves in for the finish: She scissor squeezes the beachball with her legs so hard that it deflates completely. She then shows off the fully flattened ball.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Beachball Scissoring and Squeeze Vol 2.

Beachball Scissoring and Squeeze Vol 2.
Filmed Nov 2012

In this clip, VeVe crushes and squeezes the beachball with a variety of leg scissors. She scissor squeezes the beachball with her legs slowly and powerfully from 8 different angles throughout the clip.

Once she's had her fun, she tosses the poor little beachball away, to abuse it further another day.

Note: Non-pop, no full deflation.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio: