Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation Challenge

VeVe's next balloon adventure was a bit out of the ordinary, compared to her previous balloonery exploits.  This time, based on a fan's suggestion, VeVe opts for plastic instead of latex - a plastic balloon or, rather, a plastic bubble.  The biggest plastic bubble that she can blow, actually.

VeVe used several tubes of B'loonies plastic material and inflated the plastic bubble to be as large as it could be, before it sprung a leak.  The process took about 30 minutes!

Here's the original write-up and description:

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation
May 2013

VeVe received a challenge to blow the biggest plastic bubble she could. And so, she gives it a try!

In this video, VeVe uses several tubes of B'loonies plastic balloon goo to create her giant plastic bubble. She sticks a straw into the balloon goo and blows until she inflates her plastic bubble as much as it will go. VeVe blows through the straw the entire time, and after 30 minutes, the bubble inflates to about 36 inches. At that point, the plastic balloon tears a small, unseen hole and starts to deflate.

The camera captures the entire inflation process using a variety of distances and angles.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:  http://clips4sale.com/54709/8591039

And here is a trailer from VeVe's PetitePowerNYC youtube channel:

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