Monday, November 4, 2013

Giant Airship Balloon B2P Race: VeVe vs Amazon Annie

Another giant airship balloon and another blow-to-pop race!

Giant Airship B2P Race: Cattex GL500
VeVe Lane vs Amazon Annie.  October 2013

VeVe and her friend Amazon Annie face off in a blow-to-pop race with VeVe's new Cattex GL500 giant airship balloons!

This is only Annie's second blow-to-pop attempt, so it is very brave of her to enter this contest with VeVe! Afterall, the Cattex GL500 airship can inflate to about 6-feet long; that's a tough feat to attempt for a B2P newbie. But veteran or newbie, racing to pop these big balloons will require a lot of lung power!

The ladies race to inflate their giant balloons until one of the airships bursts. Once the winner's balloon has popped, the loser ties off her super-inflated balloon. Then the two ladies straddle the long balloon and bounce until it pops!

At the Petite Powerhouse Studio:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Princess Trapped in the Giant Balloon!

Finally, a great success with the princess dress and the giant climb-in balloon!

Princess Trapped in Balloon (non-pop)

This pretty princess finds herself helplessly trapped inside a giant balloon! She's frightened, alone, and totally unable to escape her latex prison cell.

She presses her hands and bangs on the balloon walls, but still can find no escape. After a while, she begins to panic and cry out for help. But no help is coming. The princess's cries become even more distressed the longer she is in the balloon. And even more upsetting - toward the end, the balloon begins to slowly deflate on her... She's helpless to stop it as the balloon deflates completely with her still inside.

Technical details: Balloon is misty translucent. Multiple camera angles, including wide, close-ups, front, side, high, low. Completely in character. Strong display of fear and hysteria.

Available at the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here is an extended video preview trailer: