Friday, July 19, 2013

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon: Balloon Climb-in Video

Many thanks to VeVe's balloon sponsor for providing such the lovely, strong, transparent giant balloon for this video!

Trapped Inside the Giant Balloon. Non-Pop.
July 2013

VeVe receives a giant high-quality clear balloon as a gift, along with a request to climb inside! She is pleased to give it a try.

In this continuous video, VeVe climbs inside of her inflated giant balloon, slipping her hands through, then pulling the neck over her head and body. Once she is inside, her cameraman adds more air to the balloon via electric pump (POV) and then he loosely ties it off (on camera). Slowly, throughout the video, air escapes from the tie, and the balloon shrinks with VeVe still in it...

As she is inside the balloon, and as it gradually shrinks, VeVe presses her hands into the balloon, pounds on it with punches, and gives us a glimpse of a balloon as a bondage device... or fantasy prison cell?

Finally, the tie is loosened (POV) even more, and the balloon shrinks more quickly, totally deflating with VeVe inside! VeVe sticks her finger tips outside the neck and calls for the air pump. The tie is removed, the pump nozzle is reinserted, and the balloon re-inflated. VeVe then climbs out of the balloon to freedom.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate 3.5 mbps.

VeVe requires no assistance entering or exiting the balloon; she manages it by herself. VeVe wears black leotard and tights, plus yellow opera gloves to prevent her from using fingernails on the balloon. The camera never stops rolling throughout the entire piece. Filmed under safe and controlled conditions.

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:


Saturday, July 13, 2013

VeVe Introduces Kim to the Balloon Blow-to-Pop!

VeVe introduces her Italian friend Kim to the art of the Balloon Blow-to-Pop. Kim is nervous at first, but soon jumps right in. This room has a great echo for balloon popping.

VeVe brings out her brand new tie-dye style 12-inch balloons for this one.

Enjoy this video on youtube:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New 72-inch Balloon: Pump-Up and Bounce Pop

Giant Balloon Pump and Bounce Pop

VeVe brings out her second 72-inch balloon, in response to a request to lay on one of these giant balloons.
She inflates the balloon using her bellows foot pump, pumping up the balloon until it is as tall as she is (about 64 inches). The entire foot pump inflation is shown on camera, taking about 12 minutes.

Once the balloon reaches VeVe's height - taking up a lot of space in the room - she ties it off and starts to play with it. She tries gently laying her belly onto it several times - light belly-down bouncing. She then switches to laying her back into it. She bounces her back on the balloon several times... until it suddenly and unexpectedly pops! VeVe is totally surprised as she falls to the floor on her butt - it seems she bounced a little too hard!

From the Petite Powerhouse studio:
And the final Pop is a stand-alone clip as well:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Qualatex Blow-to-Pop Time Test!

Earlier this year, a fan suggested that VeVe try a new sort of Blow-to-Pop time test.  She has tried blow-to-pops with small balloons and large balloons, and she's tried a time test with several 12-inch balloons... but this fan suggested a time test with a large Qualatex balloon.

Qualatex balloons are of a higher strength and quality, compared with run-of-the-mill balloons, so this sort of test would require the blowing to be both fast and hard.  So, VeVe got herself set up with a 24-inch Qualatex balloon and...

In her first time test, attempted last month, she got the balloon very firmly inflated, but the neck became too difficult to hold on to, and the balloon slipped away.  And so, VeVe went in search of a better way to stabilize the neck and lip piece.

Another fan suggested a better way of holding the balloon to the lips:

"make a ring with your thumb and forefinger around the neck and hold it against the OUTSIDE of your mouth, then when it gets really big, hold it hard against your mouth and breath in through your nose."

VeVe attempted the time test again, and this method worked perfectly!  Blow-to-Pop successful!  And here's the video clip announcement and pictures:

Qualatex 24in Blow-to-Pop
July 2013

VeVe runs a successful Blow-to-Pop time test for one of her new 24-inch Qualatex balloons!

She starts her timer and races as fast as she can to blow-to-pop this big, strong balloon. It's hard work, it's sweaty, and it certainly take a lot of lung power to make this thing explode!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tight Jeans Balloon Scissor Squeeze Popping

Returning to one of her favorite balloon activities, VeVe presents another round of balloon scissor popping!  And lately, she's been enjoying her new pair of super tight jeans - wearing them for wrestling and to scissor squeeze people.  Now she brings her favorite jeans into the balloon realm.  And, hey, they do provide some nice protection against balloon-pop stings.

Here's the original write-up and description:

Tight Jeans Balloon Scissor Squeeze Popping
June 2013

VeVe's super tight jeans were a big hit for her facesitting, scissoring, and bondage wrestling videos, so she decided it's time the balloons faced off against her tight jeans as well.

Over the course of this video, VeVe scissor squeeze-pops a total of eight (8) 12-inch balloons. She uses a variety of scissoring positions: facing toward the camera, away, to either side, and even on her back with legs in the air. She scissor squeezes the balloons both on the couch and on the floor. Some of the balloons are stubborn and require some extra hard and repeated scissor squeezing in order to pop. By they all go down eventually!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here's a little trailer from VeVe's PetitePowerNYC youtube channel:

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation Challenge

VeVe's next balloon adventure was a bit out of the ordinary, compared to her previous balloonery exploits.  This time, based on a fan's suggestion, VeVe opts for plastic instead of latex - a plastic balloon or, rather, a plastic bubble.  The biggest plastic bubble that she can blow, actually.

VeVe used several tubes of B'loonies plastic material and inflated the plastic bubble to be as large as it could be, before it sprung a leak.  The process took about 30 minutes!

Here's the original write-up and description:

Giant Plastic Bubble Inflation
May 2013

VeVe received a challenge to blow the biggest plastic bubble she could. And so, she gives it a try!

In this video, VeVe uses several tubes of B'loonies plastic balloon goo to create her giant plastic bubble. She sticks a straw into the balloon goo and blows until she inflates her plastic bubble as much as it will go. VeVe blows through the straw the entire time, and after 30 minutes, the bubble inflates to about 36 inches. At that point, the plastic balloon tears a small, unseen hole and starts to deflate.

The camera captures the entire inflation process using a variety of distances and angles.

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

And here is a trailer from VeVe's PetitePowerNYC youtube channel: