Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Christmas Ride! 36" Balloons

Those were some tough balloons!

Wild Christmas Ride 36-inch Balloons
December 2013

VeVe celebrates Christmas Eve this year with a wild bouncing ride on some of her big 36-inch balloons! In this full version, VeVe bounce-rides a red balloon and then a green balloon.

The red balloon is slightly under-inflated, so it gives VeVe the most wild ride. She bounces very hard, trying to get it to pop, and she's quite surprised at how resilient it is! After 5 minutes of bouncing, including some hard bounce-pop attempts, she finally pops the balloon with her fingers in frustration.

She then brings in a more inflated green balloon. She starts off riding and bouncing slowly, but eventually builds back to her wild ways. After about 4 minutes, VeVe finally bounce-pops the green balloon. A ton of fun and a ton of bouncing!

At the Petite Powerhouse studio:

A tiny little preview trailer:

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